I heard a RUMOUR the other day…

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is a pop-cultural artifact of dialogue and laments summing the “emotional condition of a generation.”

Fierce, Flying, Female.

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Memorabilia snapshot


A PATH LESS TRAVELLED ~ September 8-30

Presented by Quinte Arts Council MEET LOLA at the OPENING Thursday September 8TH 2-4PM Blue Cat, Chefchaouen, Rif Mountains, Morocco 613-962-1232 36 Bridge Street East, Belleville, ON K8N 1L6  Gallery Open Monday - Thursday 10A - 3P Find Out More LOLA REID...
Let’s GO! England!

Let’s GO! England!

Women’s Travel Network and Lola Reid Allin present Let’s GO! England! A forty-five minute romp through English history, ancient and modern. Explore quaint villages, churches, castles, and dungeons. Learn about major historic sites as we travel from London to Hampton Court Palace, Stonehenge, & Hastings. Next, we’ll visit Bath Spa, Stratford & Bradford-on-Avon, and Warwick Castle then head north to the Lakes District and Hadrian’s Wall.

The motherhood gap

The motherhood gap

If 6% of commercial pilots are women, why do only 2-3% continue flying until mandatory retirement at age 65? Women pay a price for seeking a more flexible job after having children. The majority of the wage gap is created when women have their first child: they opt...