Loch, Stock, & Castle

Jun 28, 2022

Explore the Highlands of ALBA from the comfort of home (or office!). 

Loch, Stock, & Castle: Highlights of the Scottish Highlands

Our adventure starts in the revitalized port city of Glasgow then meanders the charming cobblestoned streets of Stirling. Actors enhance our Old Jail experience before we climb the hill to magnificent Stirling Castle. Next we’ll explore Fort William and Glencoe, considered by some the prettiest highland glen, then hop on the Jacobite Steam Train Excursion for a Hogwarts Experience to the seaside village of Mallaig. After a short visit here, we’re off on a five-day hike from Fort William to Inverness, passing four Lochs linked by the Caledonian Canal. We’ll end our journey poking around historic Urquhart Castle and rest our heads at 12thC Tulloch Castle, the ancestral homestead of the Bayne and the Davidsons.

WhenJuly 13th, 2022


Time: 12pm to 1pm EST

Cost: Free

TULLOCH CASTLE, Ross-Shire, Scotland

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The Beauty of Humanity, the Joy of Diversity

The Beauty of Humanity, the Joy of Diversity

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