New Track Scholarship 99s

Feb 22, 2022 | Aviate, Communicate, News and Events, The Buzz

The East Canada Section 99s is pleased to offer the New Track Scholarship to a determined, goal-oriented member of the East Canada Section pursuing a career in commercial aviation. The scholarship, which may be awarded annually, will provide one award of $1000 for advanced flight training. Established in 2022 by Lola Reid Allin & Robin Hadfield, this award will be given to an ECS 99 member embarking on an aviation career after pursuing a previous career or graduation from post-secondary education.

“My idea for this scholarship began with a desire to contribute to the advancement of women in aviation. Specifically, I wanted to provide assistance to a young woman with an early life trajectory similar to mine. When I started flying at age 24 (the same age as Amelia Earhart), I had a career with a major Canadian bank.
Although I had sufficient funds to complete my CPL & Instructor Rating, I was fortunate to receive a government grant for my Multi Engine/Instrument Flight Rating. Not everyone is so fortunate, and I wanted to play a small part in helping other young women achieve their goals.

Though the project was my idea, I had no idea about bringing the project to fruition. I approached Robin and, during the process of counselling me and revising my rough drafts, she offered to match my contribution. I was delighted and, for future years, we welcome additional contributions by other 99s.” 

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