You can’t be what you can’t see: Inspiring others

Feb 10, 2022 | Aviate, Communicate, The Buzz

Lola Reid Allin’s presentation [about women in aviation and other non-traditional occupations] impacted me in a way that made me want to go for things I feel passionate about. She explained how she really wanted to be a pilot when she was a young woman but not many women became or were able to become pilots as it was considered a man’s job. She explained that just because it was hard, she still worked for it because she wanted it, and she wasn’t going to let the stereotypes and stigma behind women in the workplace stop her from achieving her goal and dream. That really stuck with me because I know I’ve given up on things in the past that I was really passionate about just because I was scared of what people would say or how people would view me, but seeing the way she decided to just go for it, made me want to start doing that. 

We had a lot of great guest speakers come in and talk to us about their careers. One guest speaker that stood out to me was Lola Reid Allin who had been a pilot in a time when men dominated the field. She showed that women should never give up no matter the challenge.

Feedback from two high-school students who attended my Careers Class Zoom presentation (January 2022).

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